Sri Lanka has been known for its high quality best spices for centuries as well as known as land of spices, with all the food in the teardrop island laden with rich flavors. Island’s geography, location and local climate have culminated in the abundance of a rich, rare blend of spices that is a legacy in itself. The various applications of these spices in local cuisine, medicine, etc., throughout history, have virtually ingrained them into the Sri Lankan heritage. Sure, all the spices used here are native to Sri Lanka, chefs and home cooks have incorporated them into their cooking to such an extent that they might as well be! Curries, short eats, sambols, and sweets all have a mix of seasonings that will tickle the senses. You’ll also find spices in Christmas cake and sometimes tea.


To make “Ceylongo” the most preferred supplier of organic spices from Sri Lanka to the International Market.


Upgrade the export sales & intensify market share worldwide by increasing production, value addition & quality standards utilizing modern technology and good manufacturing process and convince highest price for cultivators & suppliers whilst increasing profitability of the company.

Our mission is to keep preserving the authenticity and quality of Ceylon Spices whilst adhering to international standards. In order to achieve this, “Ceylongo” focuses on a few key areas:

Growing organic spices

Ensuring food safety to the end consumer

Adhering to sustainable production & processing

Assisting Sri Lankan farmers gain exposure to the world market and help improve their production standards